Black & White Can Be Colorful.

I'm a native of San Francisco, received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater from UC Santa Cruz & found my love of art, specifically acrylic painting, while attending UCSC. Like many of you, I have my own influence; my Mother & her vibrant fashion. As a kid, my mother worked for a fashion designer in San Francisco. I spent my 20's finding my passion for fashion and design as a hobby while working full time.  I would sew my own handbags out of furniture fabric.  I owned a sketch book which was my diary.  Although it was a passion, I never perused a career in art as a young adult, but instead decided to stick with numbers and follow that career path. Now older and wiser, and a Mother myself, I want to inspire my kids to always follow their passion. It's never too late to at least try.  My love of acrylic painting was not lost.  I absolutely loved giving my paintings away as gifts to my close friends on any special occasion.  Thankfully, my Husband, kids, and lifelong friends have been so supportive of my love of art. These friends have saved my gifts so that I can bring them back to life digitally, along with new designs, to show to the world.   I found that I could reinvent old designs from pictures.  I've brought back a few series from pieces I painted 10-20 years ago.  And this is how my business began.  This creative outlet has unleashed a digital design passion that I never knew I had. I now love showing my love of the arts in both the non-digital and digital worlds.